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Democracy Under Attack

Julian Petley Review

Workers of the world disunite the media: ‘race’ and the politics of national identity David Bates

Abstract: This article examines contemporary British nationalism and the re-emergence of a popular ‘white’ identity in the UK with a ...

Jeffery Klaehn (ed.) (2010). The Political Economy of Media and Power. New York: Peter Lang. ISBN: 978-1-4331-0773-3 (paperback). 361 pages.

Review by Joan Pedro, PhD candidate, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain. Jeffery Klaehn’s edited book, The Political Economy of Media and ...

Tintin and the Anti-Semites: Spielberg’s Ambivalent Tribute to Hergé

Philip Bounds As ten-year-old boys of all ages know, Steven Spielberg's latest film is a virtuoso exercise in performance-capture animation entitled ...

Orwell Today


The Iranian Threat

The Iranian Threat June 28, 2010 By Noam Chomsky The dire threat of Iran is widely recognized to be the most serious foreign policy crisis facing the Obama administration. Congress has just strengthened the sanctions against Iran, with even more severe penalties against foreign companies. The Obama administration has been rapidly expanding its offensive capacity [...]