Tintin and the Anti-Semites: Spielberg’s Ambivalent Tribute to Hergé

Nov 28th, 2011 | By FEO Admin | Category: FEO FEATURED, Reviews

Philip Bounds

As ten-year-old boys of all ages know, Steven Spielberg’s latest film is a virtuoso exercise in performance-capture animation entitled The Adventures of Tintin. At first I was determined not to go and see it. Hergé’s Tintin books meant a great deal to me in my childhood and I didn’t want my memories of them tarnished. Like most other people who regard Hergé as one of the twentieth-century’s greatest popular artists, I first acquired a sense of his work’s unique mental atmosphere when I was no more than six or seven. Grimly aware that my immemorial impressions of Tintin, Snowy and Captain Haddock stood little chance against an upstart Hollywood blockbuster with its smorgasbord of high-tech clichés, I vowed to stay away….

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